Over the years I have managed to get some of my work featured on some online blogs and in print, either by self promotion or by appreciation. Here is a list of them and any other types of media that my work is featured on.

Print Features
Computer Arts Tutorial (their online version here)
Plog Magazine Issue 5

Whole Body of Work
Interview with the Business Boom Collective (October 2012)
Design Juices (September 2012)
Design Defined (March 2012)
Plog Magazine's online blog

Tom Harris business cards
Cardonizer online showcase
The Design Inspiration

Jussulent - Submission piece for 'Dead Words'
Jussulent (jus-soo-lent) adj.1656-1658, full of broth or soup

Untold - Five tales and their secret pasts
52 Network Editor's Pick
Plog Magazine Issue 5

The Ampersand
Mat Dolphin
It's Nice That's 'Things' feature
52 Network Editor's Pick
Plog Magazine's online blog
Booklet Press Library in Tokyo.
Design and Design Award (29/11/2012)

Cambridge School of Art Prospectus
Plog Magazine's online blog

James and The Giant Peach Book Cover
Penguin Design Award 2011: Shortlisted entries and Winners